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La Beaute Boutique



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    sophia farrugia img 5

    I Won't go anywhere else for nails! I also have regular facials, and get my eyebrows done at her salon too. Lacey is a professional, kind and hard working lady who always does her best to accommodate every client.

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    Heather Middleton img 5

    I really can’t speak highly enough about La Beauté Boutique! Outstanding care, attention to detail and professionalism - always amazing service. Lacey goes out of her way to provide the very best; I really can’t imagine going anywhere else. She is so committed to her clients and shows in incredible dedication. She is also highly skilled and very experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Fiona Brennan img 5

    Fantastic professional service. Spotlessly clean. Gorgeous environment. A true professional - Lacey takes extreme pride in her treatments and has extremely high standards. Worth every penny! Would highly recommend.

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    katie adams img 5

    Lacey's Salon is the a little bit of Zen in Cardiff. From great treatments, to a lovely salon manager to the most relaxing atmosphere - Lacey's Salon is perfect. From the minute you walk through the door, you and Lacey are the only people in Salon, which makes it the most relaxing experience, and you have the choice whether to talk to opt for a 'silent' treatment where you can truly rela to the music and the treatment. In addition to being relaxing, Lacey's Salon has helped me overcome my nail biting - At 33 years old I thought this was IMPOSSIBLE - But somehow Lacey has worked miracles and beaten the odds - and now I have a lush set of nails - that I'm always getting compliments on. This is completely down to Lacey's knowledge within the industry. There is NO better salon in Cardiff than LBB!!

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    Misha Phelps img 5

    Lacy made me feel so comfortable the first time ever going to her on Wednesday, outstanding work Aswell I will never go anywhere else now, if you don’t go to la beauty boutique then now is your time to :) 5 star service